My New Girlfriend


Curt: How’s it going with that chick you just met?

Gavin: Were kinda going through a tough phase right now…She didn’t want to give me her number so I had to swing by her office and get it from a business card. That was tricky cause she also didn’t want me to know where she worked…I really had to do some digging. I guess dating a chick can be a lot of work.

Curt: You just got to put your time in brother.

Gavin: I know right. I tried texting her about 30 times but she wouldn’t answer. Then finally I got one that said she wasn’t interested in me and to stop trying to contact her. I don’t get it. I told her all the stuff that they want to hear, like “I’ve been watching you, I wonder what you smell like, stop resisting” and none of that seemed to work.

Curt: Weird…sounds like she’s playing a little game of “Catch me if you can.”

Gavin: Yeah that’s what I thought so then I tried Facebooking her and instead of accepting my friend request she sent me a silly little message. Something like “This is harassment, the police have been notified”… Yadda yadda yadda, you know how girls are.

Curt: Hummm, they can get like that sometimes. Maybe you should try sending her a gift in the mail.

Gavin: Great Idea! Now to think of something every girl would want….What about a pair of panties?

Curt: Nailed it!…I can’t see how that could go wrong.

Gavin: Thanks for the help man, I’m off to La Senza.

Curt: Thank me later, when all this hard work pays off



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