Boat Pizza


On Sunday we were out on the river again to soak up some of the last hot weather of the summer. We ordered pizza to the warf as we normally do. When the pizza boy came down to the boat there was a homeless person standing by that offered to hold the boat in place while we ran the card through the machine. In a short conversation we found out that the reason he was homeless was because he was suffering from post tramatic stress syndrome for time served in the Canadian infantry…. His army tattoo and scaring made his story 100% authentic. He explained that really didn’t mind living in a tent down by the river in Canada compared to being hunted by the Taliban in Afghanistan. So of course we told him to get on board. We gave him all the beer and pizza he could fit in as he told us stories of combat oversees. After about 30 min the sun started to go down and as a grand finish we cranked the tunes and hammered on the throttle. He stood on the front of the boat with his arms out Titantic style waving to all the people on the beach as the boat hurled down and then back up the river. I could only watch in awe as he lived free in the moment glowing with excitement to be cruising the river in an expensive wake board boat. When we dropped him off back at the warf he said that was the most fun he’d had in years. “What an adrenaline rush” he said. I was happy to do it. Really really happy.


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