Custom Made Flip Flops


The bouncer at Rib Fest told me I couldn’t come in and enjoy some beer and ribs with the rest of the community because I had no shoes on even though the beer gardens were held in the nice grass at the park. I asked if he could look the other way and he said “No it was a rule and that’s that. Sorry about your luck, now please leave.”

He should have told me you have to do arts and crafts if you want to come in here because in 10 min I had made myself some cardboard flip flops with materials from the garbage.

We had a short argument when I came back with my flops. He said that I was still not allowed in because they were not considered foot ware. I told him that was wrong and that these were custom made flip flops and I know because I made them myself. They look just like those and those and those as I pointed out all the other pairs of sandels behind the fence.

Just then 4 people in their fifties showed up behind me. “Should we ask these elders?” I said. All four of them laughed when they saw what I was wearing. They instantly supported me against the stubborn doorman. He still didn’t want me inside, but since he was being quickly outnumbered he finally gave in. He reluctantly allowed me in but reminded me that I must keep my “foot ware” on the entire time or he would have to throw me out. The door had been opened.

Two people told me I made their day once I was inside flopping around. I felt like the smartest guy on planet earth as I ate my ribs and sucked on a beer. The bouncer never lost his pooey lip, probably because everyone loved them. I should have thanked him for making me so popular.


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