Homeless Sushi

I don’t know why I’m running a homeless theme in my life lately but here’s a true story that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Please enjoy.

I stopped to grab sushi on my way home from work. The sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon for sitting outside. Instead of going into the restaurant with a bunch of other people, I found a place to sit on the ground in the parking lot, where the sun was hitting me until it sunk deeper and deeper into the hills west towards Kamloops lake.

After enjoying my meal and talking on a long distance cell phone call, I remained on the ground and enjoyed the sun set. Just then a man approached me and asked me if I needed help and if I was homeless.

You see he had seen me sitting there an hour earlier when he went in for his sushi and I was still there in the same spot an hour later when he came back out. So he missed me rolling up in my diesel truck, eating the same food as him or using my cell phone. I could easily see how he made the mistake, I was in my grubby work clothes and had a patchy/shitty beard going on. (My good luck charm for elk hunting). But I must admit, I did look a little homeless.

I said “No Man!…….” then there was a long pause “I’m a millionaire and I’m really really happy.” He stopped for a second and looked at me with a smerk “If I was a millionaire I’d be happy too!”


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