Stop Crying


The competition is fierce on Saturday night down at the rink in Wilcox Saskatchewan. A game of hockey is being played by the men of town.

Sydney Patterson AKA Syd the kid is on hand, as he is for every game. He’s ready to prove himself again at the rough and tough northern sport.

There is a short battle down in the corner over a little black cookie. During the tussle The Kid takes it in the face and goes down hard. He gets up on to his knees and covers his mouth. The play is stopped by the ref as the crowd begins to swarm around him.

The arena sits idol wondering and looking on curiously. All eyes are watching the scene in the corner.

There are 3 players and a referee. 5 total, including The Kid. Everyone is concerned for our fallen young star because there are two small patches of bright red blood that show highly visible against the white ice surface.

The huddle begins with questions and urgency. “Check your teeth” someone says “Have you still got them?” Syd quickly checks his lips and pearly whites. The milling around continues as he undergoes further inspection. His face shows agony.

Enough time for a commercial break goes by and he is still down.

Times up.

Doug Clark has seen enough, the towns legitimate tough guy arrives on que. He barges into the huddle like an aggressive news reporter and asks an urgent question that the public must know. Wearing the same jersey of the downed man, he reaches out his hand like he’s holding a microphone. He draws it in as if to speak into it. “Syd Syd!!! Is it true you’re bleeding from the face right now?” asked in a bit of a panic.

Immediately everyone laughs. Even Syd. All at once everyone in the arena sighs with relief as he jumps back on his skates and heads for the bench under his own power.

You can only cry for so long, before we must continue.


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