Kitty Suck Cuts


Hey Kamloops! I’m really excited about my ground breaking new business, and I need your help getting it started. Please keep us in mind, if you hear of anyone that might need our services. It’s truly remarkable and it will leave your pet feeling cool and confident.

The business is called “Kitty Suck Cuts” and it’s leading the way in pet grooming. That’s right we’ll cut and style your fury friends with our new proto-type vacuum powered hair removal device. It’s been carefully engineered to harness a real cyclone inside the unit.

Getting a cat to hold still while you literally pull it’s hair out with a loud sucking machine can be tricky at the best of times. Best leave it to trained professionals at “Kitty Suck Cuts”. Each visit includes free kitty litter. Trust me they’ve earned it. It’s too bad pets can’t talk, otherwise they’d say “Thanks Kitty Suck Cuts! That was purrrrrfect!”

Call toll free 1 800 PRETTY KITTY, to make your appointment today.

PM me for details guys… Thanks for the support!


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