MMA Volleyball






The new recreational activity in Lillooet has got everyone talking.

It was started as an initiative between the Wednesday night boxing
club and Thursday drop in volleyball.

“Both clubs were looking for new ways to get attendance levels up, when the idea was spawned to combine the two activities.” said organizer Gavin Smith.

MMA Volleyball has all the same rules as regular volleyball with one significant rule change. You are allowed full body contact within 4 feet of the net.

“People were hesitant at first, but once the sparing began off the
opening serve, they  really started to have fun with it.” says Smith.

It has all the strategy of the traditional net game but with the
intensity that can only come from a cage match.

“Sometimes I’m not sure if I should be blocking the ball or blocking my head and body.” said Kevin, one of the newest members.

Just to be clear it’s mixed martial arts, so you’re allowed to both kick or punch. It’s great because you can choose your own fighting style when you’re at the net.

We actually had our first knock out last week. Debbie who’s just a
regular soccer mom any other time, tuned up one of the slower older players who’s in her fifties.

Susan came in to play the ball and completely forgot that her feet
were inside the fight line. That’s when Deb flew across with two hay makers and a mean uppercut to finish her off. It was lights out.

After the knock out, it was really neat to see everyone else start to
respect Debbie. Susan has been more than hesitant to get back out there.

“I know, I know, there’s been a lot of talk about concussions in the
news lately and since we wanted it to be safe for everyone we also
keep a court side doctor. Just for liability purposes mostly.” says

We are still trying to work out some of the kinks, for instance, some
of the lighter players complained about being hit by the bigger heavyweights, so the boxing club was gracious enough to provide protective head gear and body belts. It’s been great to see the sport evolve in only a few short weeks.

The gear is not mandatory, but it is recommended if it’s your first
time at MMA Volleyball.

Come check it out, Thursday nights at 7pm down at the Lillooet Rec Center. Don’t forget to bring your own mouth guard.


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