Snowboarding in Pictures

This is Karen. She is an Accountant and she loves to snowboard.

This is Andrew. He is a Photographer and he loves to snowboard too.

Eric is an Engineer. He has studied three different books on snowboarding.

Joey got his snow pants given to him from Burton.

Derrick has the exact same snow pants.

Lenny is a Bartender who doesn’t own a car.

Chris is a douche bag who drives a Porsche.

Justin is a Journeyman Welder. He likes to pull wrenches.

Kyle works at Best Buy. He likes to pull his pud.

Matt just got back from Japan. He has a camera crew follow him around wherever he goes.

Richard just got back from Med School. He has a patroller crew follow him around wherever he goes. Tell us how to fix you Rich…

Travis likes helicopters and getting laid.

Stacey is a Journalist. She likes guys like Travis. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get the interview. Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl…Whatever it takes.

Dave was trained as a Gymnast. He’s flexible.

Randy was trained as a Dentist. He’s flexible too.

Alex grew up poor. She is a Snowboard Dance Artist. Lookin great Alex!

Taylor has rich parents. They bought her all the newest gear. Lookin great Taylor!

Curtis is new to professional Snowboarding. He’s excited.

Lee is new to Canada. He’s excited too.

Carol and Dan are having a blast. Dan’s going to use that camera later to make a video of him exploring Carol’s naked body. Way to go Dan!

  There will be no sex tonight for Howard. Judy told him she wasn’t ready for the chair, but he never listened. Now her naked body is on “lock down” for the next three weeks. Sorry Howard.

This is Gavin. He likes to tell stories on his blog at RESPECT to all the legitimate riders out there.


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