Fat People in Pictures

Chad pulls another trophy Mule Deer out of the bush.

Mark hasn’t seen any bucks yet this year.

Little Leah loves to ride downtown.

Little Amy wants to go back to the house.

Sam owns a piece of land.

But Gary is the “Real Deal”.

Another vegetarian meal for Scott.


Kerri is into yoga.

Susan gets tired easy.

Beth and Lisa are both gonna hook up this Halloween.

Bill doesn’t need to worry about that.

Carl gets to ride around on a motorcycle at work.

Will someone please bring Nathan a water?

Lieutenant Tim says “Five miles to the next check point. MOVE IT!”

Private Wayne says “Go ahead with out me, I’m just gonna stay here and guard the camp.”

Jill is hoping to raise money at the bikini car wash.

Lindsay is hoping she doesn’t crap her pants like last time.

Jordan isn’t going for a run, he’s just stretching.

Mike isn’t fat, he’s just big boned.

Ronda has abs of steel.

Tina has back tits.

Kasha wants to know if these jeans make her ass look big.

Jen wants to know if there are any left overs in the fridge.

Hold on tight Dylan.

Same to you Al.

Dion has got it all figured out.

Life is a puzzle for Gord. He’s working on it.




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